We believe that the “teen years” are much more than just a transition between being a child and becoming an adult … they are the crucial years in which character formation occurs in a person’s life!

The youth department of the Atlanta Vineyard seeks to find a balance in the way we disciple young people: that middle ground between fun and faith where we seek to capture the attention of a teenager, and at the same, time direct him or her to focus outward in their Christian walk.

The ongoing programs of our Atlanta Vineyard youth department include:

  • Youth Bible studies throughout the year
  • Small group and one-on-one discipleship
  • Quarterly special events
  • Opportunities to help disciple children and preteens
  • Opportunities to learn & serve in tech ministry, e.g. graphics, lighting, audio, video

We believe that young people have an important part to play in the life of the local church, and we are determined to see them grow into fruitful men and women of God!

Youth Bible Studies

Past topics at youth Bible studies:
* Beauty (Becca Jones)
* Becoming a Contagious Christian (Marc Ledoux)
* Creativity (Allen Penton)
* Divine Design (Amy Weaver)
* Every Young Man’s Battle (Flaminio Guerrero & Jay Bell)
* Every Young Woman’s Battle (Pam Bell & Jannies Mayo)
* Experiencing God (Allen Penton)
* Financial Prep for Young People (Bill Lockhart)
* Finding Your Purpose (Katrina Stone)
* Jesus, the Filler of Our Souls (Karen Green & Nancy Ledoux)
* Kingdom Journeys (Allen Penton & Karen Sculley)
* Prophecy (Jane Joiner)
* The Purpose of Christmas (Bill Lockhart & Pam Camaratta)
* Revelation (Len Sykes, Kristen Sykes & Bob Padula)
* The Super Man: The Revelation of Jesus Christ Super Hero (Vinnie Kelly)
* Twelve Women of the Bible (Amy Weaver)
* Waking the Dead (Peter Sculley)
* Wild at Heart (Peter Sculley)
* Worship (Jannies Mayo)