Redefining the Mission Field

We now live in a global economy and a “virtual world” that requires a redefining of how the local church is to approach the ministry of missions. Unreached people groups have access to the gospel in ways that are unprecedented in the history of the church, and major cities like Atlanta are now a microcosm of the nations of the world. “Missions” no longer refers to remote places “over there” but to newly accessible people groups that can be found both domestically and internationally!

Domestic missions

There are “nations” all around us! We feel that the Father is leading us towards two distinctive people-groups:

  • The poor and needy in our community
  • Refugees that have settled into the city of Atlanta

Foreign Missions

God has called us to expand his kingdom and to multiply the local church!

  • For the past 11 years, the Atlanta vineyard has been involved in church planting in the Russian Federation.
  • In central Asia, Atlanta vineyard is working alongside to church planting teams ministering amongst Muslim people.

Our Foreign Missions Focus:

  • The Russian Federation
  • An Islamic nation located in central Asia

Our Domestic Missions Focus:

  • Abba House
  • Reaching Immigrant communities in Clarkston Georgia
  • Monthly outreaches to the needy